Urban Gardening Matters


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Breathe better.

Breathing in city air isn't exactly pleasant. But did you know that simply planting a tree (or putting in a pot plant) can offset both your carbon footprint and filter out toxic pollutants on your balcony and inside your home?
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Eat better.

Organic food such as microgreens are often costly, difficult to find and hard to assess its legimitacy. What better way to guarantee fresh, delicious, nutritious and quality organic food than by growing it yourself?
Absolutely love begardenly. It has completely transformed my tiny apartment into a fabulously fresh and wonderful environment. I now grow parsely, mint and coriander in my little balcony in this wonderful arrangement designed by the amazing team at begardenly

Rachel Decker HubSpot, inc.

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Love your apartment.

Living in the city doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the beauty of nature. Plants both inside and outside your apartment can add a stylish and fun touch to your home. Especially when so carefully and lovingly designed by our gardening gurus.
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Love our planet.

Living sustainably is something each and every one of us can do on a daily basis, by doing something as simple as planting a tree. It doesn't take much to care for the Earth, but every little bit matters. After all, until we terraform Mars, we only have this one planet!
I'm a passionate believer in organic foods, especially making sure my kids are having a really healthy diet. begardenly has allowed me to juggle my gardening passion within the confines of my apartment. I also love how sustainable this is!

Sarah Johnston Loving wife & Mother of two

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